Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are a great pastime for many, however before you get started with a fencing installation project be sure to review the common mistakes we’ve identified below.

By taking some time before you begin to review these, chances are you’ll save yourself time, money, and the embarrassment of making simple mistakes. Whether you’re installing a Colorbond fence or otherwise, these common mistakes and how to avoid them will be useful.

1. Ensure your fence is straight

It sounds so obvious, right? It’s frightening how common it is that we’ll see a fence erected by another installer that is far from being in a straight line. This can easily be overcome by using a stepladder to cast your eye along the top of fence and ensure that it’s straight along the entire length.

2. Use proper foundations

While it’s important that your new fence is straight, if you don’t ensure solid foundations, then it’s not going to be straight for very long. Do your homework and ensure that your fence will stand the test of time.

3. Use sufficient tek screws and support materials

One of the common areas that many try to scrimp on costs is with the tech screws, which can cause damage over time. If you’re not sure what a tek screw is, it’s a self-tapping fastener. It’s important that you utilize sufficient tech screws to secure the fence panels properly.

4. Use sufficient concrete 

To reiterate the point of setting proper foundations, it’s also important that you use sufficient concrete to prevent movement of the posts. This is particularly important in the winter months in Perth, which can cause significant damage if you’ve not used sufficient concrete.

These are just some of the common mistakes that we see made when it comes to fencing installation.


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